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Kimba The White Lion TOYS!

I've assebled a page of all Kimba The White Lions toys I've seen out there. These Kimba toys were found on sites like Yahoo Japan and other.

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My Kimba Collection

I've poster my Kimba collection for everyone to see. I want everyone to have a chance to have a collection too! In the Shopping Links section, I've posted links to sites and middlemans to get you started with your collection.

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Do You Have A Collection?

Do you have Kimba collection?? Share with Kimba's Domain! You can submit your Kimba collection for viewing! Any collection of Kimba toys submitted to Kimba's Domain will be posted in this section for all viewers to see and comment! 




Get Your Collection Up:

Send an email to me at with the subject "Kimba Collection". In your email, you must include the following: your first name or any name you want viewable to the public, the names and of your items, a short 1-2 sentence desired description of your items, and an attatched compressed folder of your pictures. (Optional: if you have toys, you may include height, legnth, and/ or width, or weight). Please include in your email if you want your email address to be publicly vewied or not. I strongly reccommend that your images are JPEG format and are under 800 pixels. You must have a minimum of 5 different items, and a minimum of 5 photos. Your photos may contain more than one of your items in collection (reccommend if you have a lot of stuff), or your whole collection. If your whole collections is in one photo than you can only have a minimum of 10 items. I strongly reccommend (however, I dont require it) that you watermark your photos. Once submitted your photos will be posted up with in 2 weeks. Thank you,